Who We Are

Our Story

In the Fall of 1999 Steve and Gwen Cowden, having a burden for teaching the Word of God to this generation, randomly asked two young men out for lunch. The fellowship in Jesus Christ was precious and by February of 2000 a bible study was under way in the Cowden home… read more

Our Principles

As we consider the total witness of God’s Word several core principles emerge which must govern all that we think, say, decide and do: Absolute faith in, love for and obedience to… read more

Our Faith

Our core beliefs* are derived solely from the divinely inspired and inerrant Holy Scriptures contained in the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments: 1. There is only one true, spiritual, living and invisible God who created all things; 2. This God has existed in three distinct persons from all eternity… read more

Our Purpose

Believers were never meant to live in isolation. Being united with Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit also means that we are united with one another. While this unity exists among all true believers in the world, it must necessarily find expression among communities of believers, commonly known as local churches. These local churches are more than casual or random gatherings. They are intentional and purposeful expressions of Christian unity and action through intimate, dedicated relationship. As a local church, we are committed to the following core purposes… read more

Our Heritage

Since the time of Jesus and the Apostles, the Church has expressed its faith through many and varied confessions. Some of these confessions are universally recognized as difinitive of orthodox Christian belief. Other, more focused, confessions have been adopted by different groups within Christendom to represent their distinctives. While none of these confessions are authoritative, they do express the historic faith… read more