Paul's Desire for the Men

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Paul is clearly addressing all men, males, in this verse, desiring that the men pray in every place with two notable characteristics:
1. Holy hands-sincere and without hypocrisy; following the Lord by walking in obedience. "If you love me, you will obey my commands... and my commands are not burdensome."
2. Without wrath and dissension/disputing: Eph 4:30, Col 3:5, Matt 5:21-22-put away anger/wrath/slander/malice

True manhood:
Reference for truth
Heart for the gospel
Maintains good relationships (hospitality)
Live unto the Lord responsibly
Go to the gym, but primarily develop the godliness profitable for all things 1 Tim 4:8
Always showing up for the Lord
Discerning and fair minded
Embraces his own role and place
Flee temptations and follow after godliness
Proverbs 3 is the Man’s Proverbs 31 equivalent.