Increasing in the Knowledge of God (Part 3)

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Increasing in the knowledge of God is not simply an intellectual exercise.  It involves two things:
1. Revelation-Jesus, the scriptures, propositions of truth we can understand and agree with, accurate understanding of who God is
2. Relationship-Holy Spirit poured into our hearts to experience God, His law written on our hearts

Jesus the Christ is not a doctrine, he is a person to know in relationship.

How does Paul pray for the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians? What does Jesus say ‘eternal life’ is?

As Christians, we must be growing in the knowledge of God in both his revelation and relationship. We must never think we ever reach a point of mastery in the knowledge of God!  Our growing in knowing cannot stop until we are with the Lord in glory and see and know him fully just as we are fully known.