Our Vision

Based on Scripture, our vision as a local body of Christ is summed up in these twelve goals…

  • To grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord individually and together
  • To become fully established in the whole counsel of God
  • To live and walk as mature believers in Christ
  • To serve and worship the Lord together as the family of God
  • To hold forth the Word of life in a dark and broken world
  • To be a place of restoration for broken and empty lives
  • To develop meaningful friendship with one another
  • To increase in number through personal evangelism and God’s blessing
  • To increase our effectiveness in the Kingdom of God
  • To enable believers to plug in to the Kingdom of God in and through the local body
  • To participate in God-glorifying good works
  • To plant churches around the globe


In order to meet this vision, we have set up what we call "The Five P's" of NCCF. In the years to come, we want to say that NCCF is, has been and will continue to be a…

  • Pillar of Brotherhood and Truth
  • Platform for Outreach
  • Place of Restoration
  • People of Good Works
  • Planter of Churches