Our Christian Heritage

Christ and Culture

Is Christianity true and necessary? Is it just another jewish cult, or something more? What parts of culture did Christianity embrace and what did they reject? The early church gave answers to the world around them about how Christians worshipped, lived, died and believed. Their answer was an Apology (a reasoned defense). Read more about those believers who gave an answer to the scoffers and doubters. ...Read More

Blood of the Martyrs

What did persecution look like in the early church? How did Christianity survive? ...Read More

The Growth of the Christian Church

How did Christianity grow from a small jewish sect to conquer the Roman world? ...Read More

You will know them by their love

An early Christian author explains the state of the Christians to a roman official. ...Read More

Church History, an Overview

What is church history and why do we study it?...Read More

Early Christianity and Social Status

Women & Slaves in Early Christianity...Read More