The Gospel to the Man at the Poko River ~ by Andre Ndanga Beng

On the 31st of December 2015, I met somebody I have never known. He was sitting arround the side of the river Poko when we went there for baptism. Then, in my heart, something strong was pushing me to preach the Gospel to this man. Finally, I decided to talk with him about Our Lord Jesus on John 3:15-18. He was very interested about and asked me if he can assist to the baptism we're coming for. I accepted saying: "Why not!". Then after the baptism, he said," I am ready to repent and follow my Lord Jesus, can I also be baptised? Then I remember Philip the deacon with the Ethiopian. I said:" If you believe with all your heart that The Lord Jesus died on the cross for your sins and in Him you have Eternal Life, through His Grace, you can be baptised as the others. Finally I baptised him in Jesus Name. He is now a member of our Team of prayer. May the Name of Our and Savior Jesus Christ be bless for ever and ever.

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