Messengers' October 2013 Update


Missionary Training Classes

A large part of our training at the Center for Pioneer Church planting is the classroom study that we do while we are not in Mexico. Classes started back August 26th and have been going full swing ever since. Every week we are learning something new.  This year, the classes will focus on theology. Some of the classes we've had so far are Biblical Exposition in Matthew and Biblical Theology of Missions. Some upcoming classes will be History of Missions, Biblical Exposition of Acts, and Linguistics. We are so thankful for this training, and for this time in our lives where we get to study the Word of God so thoroughly.

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First Mexico Trip 


In September we took our first trip back to village ML in Mexico. It was great to be back with the people.  We were able to hit the ground running with the believers through teaching them more about how to read the Bible. We started by teaching them how to make 20 basic observations, without interpreting, on a Coke bottle. Then we went through the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18 and had them make 20 observations on the text. After making 20 observations, we then start asking the question, what is the text trying to teach? They had good questions and really grasped the meaning of the text. We gave them work to do while we are gone and we are excited to see what they come up with. Our next trip [was] this week (Oct 14th-17th).

Baby Update

We are getting close! As of [October 13], Shaye is 31 weeks pregnant. We are now counting down the weeks in single digits! She and baby are doing well, and so far she has been able to keep up with the demands of school and home (but not without being pretty tired at the end of the day!). Please continue to pray for our little guy and for Shaye during these last weeks.

Prayer Requests

  • Shaye and Baby

  • Clarity For Future Plan

Thank You!

We are so appreciative of all your prayers, financial giving, guidance, and encouragement.  We simply would not be where we are without it.  
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