Grace Deaf Missions September 2013

Lots of activity, lots of travel, lots of new friends!

And we thought August was busy! This month Sharon and I, along with Omar Vazquez from Mexico
City, travelled to North Greenville University (SC) for their annual missions conference. We
met a ton of wonderful people who came by our new Grace Deaf Missions display. A number of
other agencies “competed” for the attention of students interested in missions. Our prayer was for
the Lord to lead us to those considering the possibility of ministering to some of the most neglected
people on earth. We believe He answered that prayer.
We were allowed to speak in three classes regarding the Deaf and their desperate plight of being
completely cut off (in many cases) from any access at all to the Gospel message. It is hard for
hearing people to even consider a life with no means of communication. But on a number of
occasions we saw that realization appear in the faces of those to whom we spoke. Please pray
that the Lord would raise up more laborers for this particular harvest field.

Today [(9/20) I am] flying to Leon for three days of teaching with Pastor Chester Brock from Pasadena, California. He joins me in teaching eight sessions on the topic of the Sacrifices of the Bible. When we consider the only exposure most of the Deaf in Mexico have had to Christ has been in the form of a crucifix, it is important for us to help them see that through His death, Jesus was the Victor in His fight to redeem us as His own and free us from the condemnation of our sin.
Also, as you pray for us, please remember that all of this teaching is being done in Sign Language. American Sign Language is being translated into Mexican Sign Language. Then Mexican Sign Language is being translated into Spanish. Plus, these weighty matters are all being explained with signs and pictures. As always, there is much room for MIS-interpretation and misunderstanding. Pray for clarity in our teaching and for clear understanding among the Deaf.
In addition to all of this, Sharon and I have moved from our house in Pine Grove Mills to a quiet little place in Huntingdon County, just over the mountain, called Manor Hill. I know it sounds like a retirement home for old folks, and yes, we are officially over the hill now. But our lives have been busy to the point of being hectic. So in all of our moving and traveling and preparing our house in Pine Grove Mills to sell, we are longing for some time to sit and reflect on what is happening with Grace Deaf Missions and Grace Fellowship Church. Please keep us in your prayers.

Two more things to note: [Below] is our new phone number. Please make a note of that. The mailing address will soon change as well, but for now, continue to send your letters to the address [below].  Secondly, our finances continue to be quite low. Compared to most missionary outreaches, Grace Deaf Missions works on an extremely low budget. Even so, we depend upon the gifts of those who have partnered with us and pray for us in order to make our work possible. I assure you, the Deaf of Leon will “hear” the Gospel message from us. We just need the means to get there. Please give if you are able. Never give to the neglect of your own church. We absolutely do not want you to support us when there are pressing needs within your own fellowship. But as the Lord enables you, we would appreciate any help you can lend.
As I said last month, if you would like to become a regular supporter of Grace Deaf Missions, please let us know either by mail, email, or phone. Or you can make regular automatic contributions through your bank. Also there is a PayPal button in the right margin of our website which you may use to give instantly. Thank you so much for your part in this work!

Grace and peace,
Keith Doster

Grace Deaf Missions
PO Box 121
Pine Grove Mills, PA 16868
814-667-2171 Skype-Ps9017

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes: The Dosters and Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar (LSM Interpreter and teacher), Chester Brock (Deaf pastor/teacher), Omar Vazquez, and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

Please make checks payable to Grace Fellowship Church and write Grace Deaf Missions on the memo line. All gifts are tax deductible. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 121, Pine Grove Mills PA 16868

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