Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter March 2014

Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter for March 2014

A New Venue And New Fruit For Our Labors

Salutations from thawing central Pennsylvania! Finally! This has been the coldest winter in many years, which made leaving León, Mexico, in February all the more difficult.

We made several changes in this conference. It was the first time we have taught without Deaf pastors accompanying us. None of our Deaf pastor friends were available to make the trip. But since the temperatures were downright balmy, maybe they will clear their schedules for next February!

Our Assistant Director, Omar Vazquez, and I taught eight sessions. Since Omar is Mexican and hearing, and since he does not yet know Mexican Sign Language, he had a Mexican interpreter to help him. José de Jesús Villalpando Cueva from Guanajuato is now a part of our outreach team. He is an excellent
interpreter and has desired to minister to the Deaf in this way for 10 years. José (otherwise known as Pepe) was a tremendous blessing to us and to the Deaf who attended. His enthusiasm was obvious to all. We thank the Lord for his expert interpreting.

Alberto Alcantar was my interpreter. Since Alberto is deaf, I taught using American Sign Language and Alberto translated into Mexican Sign Language. All of this gets rather complicated very quickly. But the Lord has been faithful to enable us to do this work, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to do so.


Keith, with Pepe, Alberto, and Omar

Another change was our venue. Rather than hold our meetings at Pastor Abel Plata’s church, we rented a hotel conference room near the center of town where many Deaf people meet every Friday night. Alberto walked one block from the hotel and invited them to join us. They did! About 25 “Deafs” showed up. It was one of the best crowds we’ve ever had.

As a result of this, Pastor Plata decided to conduct outreach meetings at this central location every three weeks! This is a major step forward because: 1) There will be many more opportunities to share the Gospel, and 2) The local church is taking responsibility for reaching their community. This is great progress. Now Jesus la Vid Verdadera Church is no longer dependent upon Grace Deaf Missions to conduct outreach ministries in León. Pastor Plata, Alberto, and Pepe will begin having Bible studies regularly.


And that’s not all! Take a close look at this photo. The woman with glasses (I’ll call her Rosa) is helping the Deaf woman on her right find the Scripture passages being taught. What’s so special about that? Rosa is hearing. She attends Pastor Plata’s church and Alberto’s Mexican Sign Language for Professionals class every Saturday. The Lord moved Rosa to learn LSM. Christians in León are reaching out to the Deaf with the Gospel! This picture represents the fruit of our labors.

And there’s more! Here are before and after pictures of a building project. Pastor Plata’s congregation
has built two new classrooms for the exclusive use of Alberto’s school, and they hope to begin construction on a three-story school facility before the end of the year! Less than two years ago, this congregation was not even aware of any Deaf people in León. Now, our mission has become their mission.


Please remember us in your prayers. If you are already a
contributor to Grace Deaf Missions, we say “THANK YOU!” If you have
never given to this work before, please consider sending a gift so this ministry
might continue to grow. We deeply appreciate your help.

Grace and peace to you all!

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