Grace Deaf Missions March 2014

Two weekends ago, we held another teaching conference which focused on the Doctrines of Grace. The first night, we had a good turnout. I believe it was primarily because of our change in venue. We decided to have our meetings in a hotel conference room one block from the center of town, kinda like the town square. All the Deaf hang out there every Friday night. So we gleaned about 25 Deaf from the streets, most of whom I had never seen before.

What may be even more encouraging is Pastor Abel. He has decided to have meetings for the Deaf every three weeks in that same location. We have begun working with a Mexican deaf interpreter named Jose' de Jesus Villalpando, a dear brother who has longed to reach out to the Deaf for 10 years. He sees Grace Deaf Missions as (in his own words) "an answer to my prayers." He is an answer to ours as well.

Also, P. Abel's church has built Alberto two class rooms for his exclusive use with the Deaf. They are also hoping to begin construction on a three-story school before the end of the year. This will be the only Deaf school in this entire city of 1.5 million people. Alberto's school has already received approval by the local authorities as a bona fide school that can receive donations which the government will match, peso for peso. Very, very cool!

All of this has taken place over the course of the last 18 months. In 2012, P. Abel and his congregation were completely unaware of the Deaf population around them, nor were they cognizant of the serious plight of the Deaf in general. So the Lord has truly moved in their hearts to take up the responsibility to reach the Deaf with the Gospel in Leon.

I assume you are not aware that we decided to bring Robert Morgret back to the US. He is no longer living in Leon. Through a series of difficulties Robert went through, and because he has not been able to grasp Mexican Sign Language well enough to communicate clearly with the Deaf, we thought it best to have him come home. It was very difficult and lonely for him there. It was also nearly impossible for me to supervise him from PA. Plus, because he is an American AND Deaf, he was a very easy target for evil people to take advantage of. I wish we had had a team in place to send with him. But for now, he is living in Kentucky and attending a Deaf church there.

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers for us as we move ahead and see what God will do through us for the sake of the Gospel among the Deaf of Leon.

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster
Grace Deaf Missions

Pictures from Our Most Recent Trip

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