Global Persecution Report

The Persecuted Church

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” Hebrews 13:3

  • Many of our brothers and sisters around the world face persecution – threats, arrests, attacks, imprisonment, torture, or even death – for their faith in Christ.
  • Persecution of Christians occurs in at least 60 countries.
  • According to the Open Doors 2013 World Watch List, Christianity’s top 10 persecutors are North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Maldives, Mali, Iran, Yemen, and Eritrea.
  • An estimated 50,000-70,000 Christians endure the horrors of North Korea’s prison camps. Christians can be killed or sent to prison camps, along with three generations of their families, simply for possessing a Bible.

Source: Open Doors USA

The Voice of the Martyrs

Dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide, VOM was founded in 1967 by Richard Wurmbrand, a Jewish Christian who experienced both the Nazi occupation and the Communist occupation of his Romanian homeland. He was a pastor who spent 14 years in Communist prisons, enduring unbelievable torture and suffering, before he was released and then ransomed out of the country. Once in America, he shocked the nation by revealing the cruel realities of life for Christians behind the Iron Curtain. He tells part of his story in his book Tortured for Christ, which can be ordered for free here. For more information on The Voice of the Martyrs, visit their website.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs 

Stay Informed

VOM provides prayer updates through a variety of methods:

  • Monthly newsletter (subscribe here)
  • VOM Prayer Calendar app (iTunes Store or Android Marketplace) – daily prayer requests, information on countries, and news
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  • Persecution Podcast (available here

Get Involved

Visit to write letters to imprisoned believers and to petition officials on their behalf. To write a letter, choose from a selection of encouraging messages and Scripture verses which will be translated into the imprisoned believer’s language.

  • Former prisoner Eva Abdallah received thousands of letters while she was imprisoned in Tanzania. She said, “From the bottom of my heart, I felt extreme joy because I knew there were some Christians who were praying for me even though they didn’t know me.”
  • A pastor in Turkmenistan was sent many letters while he was imprisoned for 18 months. He said, “They showed me I was not forgotten."

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs newsletters June 2013 and August 2013


Visit for more information on filling or sponsoring Action Packs to send items such as blankets, soap, towels, etc. to persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Iraq, or Sudan.

Prisoner Alert


Iran: Farshid Fathi
Arrested December 2010
Held 969 days

A Christian convert from Islam, Farshid was charged with “acting against national security through membership of a Christian organization, collection of funds, propaganda against the Islamic Regime by helping spread Christianity in the country.” He spent nearly a year in solitary confinement before being sentenced to six years imprisonment in March 2012. According to Elam Ministries, Farshid is a shining beacon for Christ in prison, and one fellow prisoner remarked how beloved Farshid is among the inmates. Elam described Farshid as “a man after God’s own heart.” Please pray for him and for his wife, Leila, and his children, Rosana and Bardia, who now live in Canada, awaiting his release.

Source: Prisoner Alert

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