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​When it comes to music, I sing and write songs as well as lead worship here at New Covenant Christian Fellowship. In addition to writing my own songs, I've collaborated with other songwriters (and dear friends) in a collective called "Harp and Harrow".

Apart from loving the songwriting process, the personal goal I have in it all is to use my gifts as best as I can in the appeal of Colossians 3:16. I think its fair to say that good Christian art should bring about a fresh perspective on objective truth and help us better feel the weight of what we believe. It takes you out of the mundane and reminds of you of the grand story God is creating which in turn results in thankfulness and praise. I've experienced this with artists I've loved over the years and desire to replicate this for others where I can.

Outside of music, I've been married to my wife Caroline since 2010 and had our first little girl Eliza in 2015. To pay the bills, I work as an accountant during the week, but try to keep my nights and weekends open for writing, recording and playing live on occasion. So if you're interested in having me play at your event (concert, worship leading, or both), feel free to contact me at daveschellmusic@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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As He Is - Single  (2018)

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Free My Soul - Single  (2018)

 FMS_FINAL (instagram size).JPG