How can I get connected at NCCF?


Sunday School (10:00 AM Sunday) 

  • These sessions are used to focus on specific topics ranging from Evangelism in a pluralistic world, to Church History, to Redemptive History & the interpretation of the Bible. Sunday School is designed to address all of the topics that are supplemental to Biblical preaching & teaching.


Worship Service (11:00 Sunday)

  • Along with singing unto the Lord, the messages in the worship service aim toward the preaching and teaching of various books of the Bible and/or through various topics of the Christian life.




Sunday Lunch Fellowship (12:30 Sunday *seasonal*)

  • Every Sunday after the worship service, we offer a meal for the ultimate purpose of fellowship. Visitors eat free. NCCFer's over 18 can eat for $5.


Men's Ministry (2nd Wednesday)

  • On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, the men get together for Men's Prayer to pray for the big ticket items of the world such as evangelism, the culture, NCCF, etc. The men usually have a time of fellowship afterward.


Women's Ministry (1st Wednesday)

  • On the 1st Wednesday of every month, the ladies come together for Ladies' Sing and Share to fellowship, sing and encourage one another in the Lord.


Accountability Groups

  • Accountability groups are groups that facilitate mutual accountability in the bonds of Christian brotherhood.




Family Matters (1st Sunday of every Month during Sunday School)

  • Family Matters is an elder led forum for topical discussions on marriage and raising children which include times of Q/A.




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